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[G-Shock Frogman] GWF-A1000 — new analog model for Diver`s watch

G-SHOCK is the only diver’s watch and is loved by its character, “FROGMAN”. The latest work is the series’ first analog model “GWF-A1000”. It will be developed in black, navy and red band color variations, but this time, from this, the appearance and details of the “GWF-A1000-1AJF” where the yellow color is noticeable in the black case and band are photographed Let’s deliver

For an overview of features and specifications, see the separate article ” New to G-SHOCK FROGMAN. The new” frog “is an analog model! Please also see. The price is 99,000 yen including tax and it will be released in June.

Successive FROGMANs were all digital models. In the G-SHOCK high-performance model “MASTER OF G” category, all models with “~ MAN” in the name (RANGEMAN etc.) are digital models and “~ MASTER” is an analog model.

There is also an implicit understanding that the upgraded model of “-MAN” is “-MASTER”. In fact, the former “MUDMAN” has become “MUDMASTER” and the former “GULFMAN” has evolved into a “GULFMASTER”.

If this rule is followed, the analog FROGMAN this time might be “FROGMASTER”. There must be a lot of people who have such a question (I am one of them). When I asked Casio about this, it was said that there was an internal discussion. However, as a result, he said, “We valued the brand FROGMAN, which has a well-established image and is popular in G-SHOCK, and dared to keep its name”. Convinced.

In addition, the standing position of this analog FROGMAN is not a version upgrade model of the digital model ” GWF-D1000 “. This is because the triple sensor Ver.3 (which was installed in GWF-D1000) is not installed in GWF-A1000.

Stopwatch (1 second and 24 hours total) and timer (set unit is 1 minute to 24 hours) as the main functions other than mobile cooperation by Bluetooth, and other diving functions such as diving time measurement (maximum 2 hours, (Measured in units of 1 second), surface rest time display (up to 24 hours), diving log acquisition (up to 30). Although it has a sufficient function as a diver’s watch, it cannot measure water depth, direction, temperature, etc.

I think that releasing the FROGMAN as an analog diver’s watch was the proposition imposed on the GWF-A1000. Many people want an analog model for their diver’s watch. In order to respond to that voice and FROGMAN to become a brand of orthodox diver’s watch along with competitors, “ISO 200m waterproof solar analog model for diving” which is above G-SHOCK standard 20 ATM waterproof is indispensable It was.

By the way, GWF-A1000 is compatible with Bluetooth, but does not include the symbol “B” in the model name. The reason is that Casio said: “I wanted to emphasize that it was analog rather than Bluetooth compatible.” (“A” of GWF-A1000 means analog)

Moreover, it is difficult for the full analog model to read the measurement results numerically, and pursuing a mechanism will cause module development and manufacturing costs to bounce back to the product price. Rather, GWF-D1000 will continue to sell various sensing functions, and GWF-A1000 will be a strategy to keep the price down by sticking to “Analog model FROGMAN” and widen the brand’s worldview — That is my (personal) imagination.


GWF-A1000 Profile
Year of first release: 2020
Lineup: PROFESSIONAL (G-Shock Professional Line includes watches that can really help you survive under hard, tough conditions. They are well equipped and have the best tough specs.) All G-Shock Professional Watches →
Nominations: best design, best functions, best resistance
The most distinctive specs:
ISO 200 meters Water Resistance (good for swimming and professional diving)
Analog Watch Display (The over-sized dimensional index and hour and minute hands offer improved readability. Three dual-coil motors enable the hour, minute and world time hands to move rapidly so the wearer can switch modes with no delay)
Carbon Monocoque Case (single carbon Monocoque unit that protects the module from external shock and makes it possible to eliminate carbon guard parts from the buttons on the sides of the case)
Tough Solar (CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power)
Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6 (additional way for time sync. This watch receives time calibration radio signals that keep the displayed time accurate)
Fluoroelastomer Band (The fluoroelastomer material provides an excellent fit on the wrist with its soft feel, not to mention exceptional resistance to staining and hydrolysis)
Diving Mode (The hour and minute hands can be brought together as one at the start of a dive to indicate the diving time)
G-SHOCK Connected App (you may manage all watch settings through your phone)
Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth(R)) (for time sync with your phone data)
– Tide graph (tide level for specific date and time)
Tide point setting (Some of the world’s major dive spots come pre-set and can be selected from a map or list)
Diving log (Timeline display of time, date and number of dives along with smartphone-logged dive location and smartphone-shot photos)
Average Amazon Price: may be available (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Other colors and full specs: GWF-A1000 Wiki Page

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