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[G-SHOCK MUDMASTER] GWG-2000 and Motocross Rider Tom Parsons

Tom Parsons (@tomparsons930) is a professional freeride motocross rider and 3 time Gold medalist of major world renowned extreme sports events.
He’s best known for his whips and back country freeriding similar to his mountain bike counterparts.

Here Tom rails a berm on the motocross track, the best way for stay in shape and keep his reflexes sharp.

“Working with G-SHOCK was a great experience. I was never a watch guy before, but the Mudmaster GWG-2000-2 is the first watch that can truly meet the rugged demands of the motocross world.
The G-SHOCK Mudmaster is the only watch I would trust in the exposed outdoor environments I ride”.

GWG-2000 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: $800 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon). Check the Price on Amazon →
Year of first release: 2021
Best for:  Military, Army and Police Use, Big Wrists
Lineup: MUDMASTER (The Mudmaster has been designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. With a digital compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer and step tracker, you’ll reach your goal even when challenges seem insurmountable. MUDMASTER – the perfect union of toughness and technical finesse.) All G-Shock MUDMASTER Watches →
The most distinctive specs:
— Сompact design (is made possible by the forged carbon bezel, carbon core guard case structure, and mud-resist buttons combined with stainless steel pipes and silicone buffers)
— Carbon Fiber (finely powdered carbon fiber is kneaded into resin, then heat-pressed to mold a bezel that is more complex, yet even stronger than before)
— Triple Sensor Measurements (keep you updated with direction, altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature readings)
— Large Arabic numeral indexes (extra-thick arrow-shaped hands, double LED lights, and sapphire glass ensure high visibility)
— Textured Band (the band is textured in the style of heavy-duty no-slip rubber grips, and the buttons are knurled for easy operation)
— Tough Solar (CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power)
— Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6 (additional way for time sync. This watch receives time calibration radio signals that keep the displayed time accurate)
— Tough Movement (A CASIO-original thin analog movement made possible by hybrid mounting protects against damage and enables auto home position correction that helps keep you on time all the time)
Other colors and full specs: GWG-2000 Wiki Page

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