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[G-SHOCK Lomited] GWX-8904K and BGR-3000UK — Dolphin Whale Models

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A collaboration model with G-SHOCK / BABY-G’s “Eye Search Japan”, commonly known as “Irukuji”, which has become a familiar feature of early summer. The theme of this year’s model is the “rainbow” of dolphins and whales.

The base model of G-SHOCK is G-LIDE’s “GWX-8900” with a big case, and BABY-G is “BGR-3000U”. With a refreshing white as the base color, a colorful rainbow is expressed with the rainbow IP of the bezel.

Both models have the “Eye Search Japan” logo printed on the band and the “Love The Sea And The Earth” symbol on the back cover. When the backlight is on, the BABY-G is projected with a dolphin, and the G-SHOCK is projected with a whale silhouette.

The functions and performance are the same as the base model, such as tough solar driven by nature-friendly sunlight and multi-band 6 compatible radio-controlled watch that receives standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world and automatically corrects the time.

In addition, all plastic materials in product boxes have been abolished, and recycled paper has been used for paper boxes. In addition, the watch product bag is also set with a drawstring bag made of 100% cotton instead of vinyl. It can be reused as a watch storage or a pouch for small items, and incorporates eco-friendly packaging.

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