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The thought of embarking on an adventure with your best friend or boyfriend might be quite enticing, but are you confident that it would be a harmonious trip?

Even if you love someone with all your heart, are sure you can’t live without them and feel like there’s no limit to the time you could spend together – you might not be suited as a travel duo. There are several factors to consider about someone you want to take a trip with beyond your affinity for each other.

More than anything, the two of you need to understand the importance of compromising and staying flexible. You can plan a trip down to every activity, but there’s no guarantee that everything will run smoothly enough to allow for that. If both of you are willing to make adjustments to the game plan as the vacation unfolds, you’ll be better off.

The Cultural Travel Guide explained how easy it is to blame your companion when something goes wrong. To maintain a positive relationship, it’s key that you deal with unexpected happenings without pointing fingers.

Flexibility comes into play before you even leave – it’s essential from the beginning stages of planning a trip. Have each participant make a list of his or her ideal vacation, from cities to specific attractions that are important. Next, go through the itineraries together to create a melded version that pleases everyone. Your personalities may lend themselves to a dynamic where one person is the clear leader, but it can be helpful to put each person in charge of a task. If you’re a great navigator, take control of daily directions, while your organized travel partner books and catalogs information for accommodations. Inquire about how much physical fitness your travel partner is willing to do. This can make the difference between using public transportation or walking between destinations.

It’s no secret that traveling can be a serious expense. Because it plays a role in essentially every decision you make on a trip, your ideal travel partner should have a similar budget or level of responsibility with money. You should discuss specifics, including how much each of you can afford to spend each day or across the whole vacation. The amount of money you’re willing to spend affects where you stay, what you eat and the activities you indulge in. It can be frustrating to travel with someone who’s always choosing restaurants you can’t afford or accommodations that are below your standards.

Have an open discussion about the financial side of your trip. Determine what each person thinks is worth splurging on, expenses that are completely off limits and attractions that you absolutely can’t miss.

Forty winks
It’s essential to be well-rested while you’re traveling, so sleep compatibility is important to review. Do you like to get a good night’s sleep and rise with the sun? Or are you more interested in experiencing the nightlife and sacrificing a few hours of activity in the morning? While it’s fine to differ on this any other time, you should have an understanding of your partner’s sleep expectations. If you prefer to sleep at different times, but it doesn’t seem like a deal breaker, discuss how you can be respectful of each other’s sleep routine. However, if you think you’ll be checking your white series watch every few minutes while you wait for your buddy to wake up, they might not be the ideal companion for you.

Final thoughts
Here are a few more considerations for you before you book a flight. Think about how long you can tolerate a person for. You’ll undoubtedly be spending lots of time together, although it’s a good idea to take breaks throughout the trip. Conversation should flow easily between you, and there should be a shared sense of humor. When the going gets tough on the road, you want to be with someone who can break the tension by making you smile.

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