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[G-Shock MRG] MRG-B2000B-1A and Japanese color “Kachiiro”

From the G-SHOCK superlative line MR-G, which continues to evolve in search of ultimate strength and beauty, a new model that adopts the traditional Japanese color “Kachiiro” has appeared. The dark blue color
used for armor and armor is used everywhere as a color that brings victory, and the life and spirit of the samurai
who is famous for winning are expressed with the whole body. “Kachiiro” is one of the traditional Japanese colors, and is the dark navy blue color found in indigo dyeing. It is popular among samurai as a “winning color” and has been used as a test-bearer for armor and armor. This “winning color” is used everywhere as an accent color. The appearance is dignified and has the spirit of a samurai. One of the typical Japanese patterns, “scale pattern”, is placed on the base surface, and a cut surface with the image of a fan / folding screen is used on the outer circumference. The index has a gentle curved surface shape that resembles the warp of a sword, and Yamagata Casio’s nano-processing technology realizes sharp edges and grain processing on curved surfaces. The inside of the bezel, the in-dial, and the logo are “winning colors” to create a sturdy design.

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