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[G-Shock MRG] MRG-B2000BS-3ADR — Trailblazing Hana-Basara

The ultimate in metal form, created with leading-edge technology and time-honoured artisanship. This trailblazing, one-of-a-kind MR-G is designed based on the concept of Hana-Basara, a Basara commander spirit. Basara was a term of respect used for samurai commanders who shattered conventions with a rebellious style that combined strength and a bold, lavish aesthetic.

Ultra-hard COBARION and DAT55G alloys developed in Japan are employed for the bezel and bands. It is cut and polished by a skilled artisan to apply techniques rarely used in metalwork, achieving mirror-surface facet cuts in metal. This watch exudes a distinctive aesthetic sensibility and worldview that embraces two of Japan’s proudest heritages: cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Dark Green Diamond-Like Carbon
The traditional Japanese hue kurogane-iro (literally “iron colour”) is reproduced on the bezel and band with our newly developed dark green DLC finish. A name derived from the deep shade of green that appears on the surface of iron heated to high temperatures, the colour evokes the distinguished presence of the iron-clad helmet and armour Basara samurai commanders wore.

Face Design Inspired by Hana-Basara Armour
The dial design incorporates a Kusari Katabira (chain mail) inspired woven pattern and mirror-finished components with a folding fan pattern. The index features a curved form achieved through nano processing to evoke the curvature of a Japanese sword. Adopting the Hana-Basara armour blend of green, red, gold and black hues, the watch face presents a creative design look.

Facet-cut Bezel
The bezel employed a facet-cutting technique commonly used in gemstone arts. Cutting/polishing artisan KOMATSU Kazuhito applied crisp polishes to the many facets with their varying angles to achieve a brilliant, gleaming finish. Working with an ultra-hard alloy that is very tricky to process, kept production limited to just a few pieces per day — an intricate process that elevates this metal design to the realm of an artform.

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