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[G-Shock MRG] MRG-B2000SH by craftsman Masao Kobayashi

G-SHOCK’s high-end craft watch MR-G series is inspired by the traditional Japanese Kabuto (helmet), combining traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern technology, bringing a new wrist collection-MRG-B2000SH “Chongshou Maru” “On sale in a limited edition of 400 pieces worldwide, recreating the spirit of perseverance in battle.
As the pioneer of G-SHOCK, the MR-G series is imprinted with the brand spirit of G-SHOCK in its genes, and it continuously forges the beauty of fortitude with ingenuity and sharpens its tough style. Adhering to the unremitting pursuit of quality in the MR-G series, each watch frame of “Chongqi Maru” is hand-carved by the Japanese metal craftsman Masao Kobayashi. The aesthetic quintessence of chiseling skills exemplifies ingenuity.
In every inch, with the traditional Japanese aesthetics and handcraftsmanship, the performance of tenacity is not limited. “Chongqi Maru” is a well-deserved collection of craftsmen, only waiting for you to get it!

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