[Baby-G Solar] MSG-B100G — for Active and Sophisticated Women

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

It is a model compatible with the BABY-G G-MS smartphone link for active and sophisticated women. The color is basic and navy that is easy to incorporate into coordination. It is a design that coolly finishes adult casual fashion with a resin band. The bezel has a 35-sided cut that mixes a sharp impression with just the right amount of shine. In addition, the wide face of the thin case is particular about visibility. In addition, the hands have a three-dimensional cut to emphasize the beauty of the contrast of light. In terms of functionality, it supports time adjustment via Bluetooth® connection. By linking with the dedicated app “BABY-G Connected”, you can display accurate time all over the world. World time can be set and home time / world time display can be changed. In addition, it has reliable functions such as a reminder function, time & place function, and tough solar.

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