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[BABY-G 2022] MSG-W200RL-5A with Recycled Synthetic Leather Band

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

From BABY-G G-MS (Jimizu) for active and sophisticated women, this watch uses a leather band made from recycled pet materials. A design that enhances casual outfits by combining a glossy metal bezel with a leather band. The base model is the radio solar model MSG-W200. The band uses synthetic leather made from recycled polyester fibers such as PET bottles. In terms of functionality, it is equipped with reliable functions such as multiband 6, world time, tough solar, etc., which receives standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world and automatically corrects the time. It is a G-MS that can be used from on-time to off-time while maintaining the functions that are useful in active scenes.

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