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[Live Photos] Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E

Theme of “~ you see in the picture” is, the Casio GPS hybrid radio clock OCEANUS (Oceanus) “OCW-G1000E”. BASELWORLD was announced in 2015, while in common with Basel Special “OCW-G1000S” and “night of the earth floating in space” as image source, it’s motivation work in pursuit of different representation.Each time passing through the second hand over of such dial as jewelry box, sparkling shaking is studded reflected light.The beauty of the OCW-G1000E invites sigh involuntarily, we would like you to enjoy all means.

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-1


Quartz watches reminiscent want to have much view is, there will be how in the world.White Applied index fringed blue bezel, it emerges in black dial. “XII” of the white butterfly shell arranged in zenith, and not only to only strongly argue that it is a watch, 12 months, 12 constellations, 12 orientation, etc., is also associative number of cosmic mystery and sacredness of 12 let.

Moment you open the case, luxury antelope deprives the eye

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E2

And inlaid with white butterfly shell to XII index

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E3

And the semi-circular shell round needle second hand, re-crystal sapphire, which is disposed in the axial

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-4

Each time the second hand moves, 8 face cut of recrystallization sapphire sparkling

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-5


Pattern of dial arranged a solar battery is reminiscent of the dry landscape

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-6

Contest of brilliance and three-dimensional sense of parts on the dial weave

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-7

Blue and white combination has been effectively arranged

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-8

Blue and gold highlights floating on the bezel of the edge

Oceanus GPS-equipped OCW-G1000E-9

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