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[Live Photos] Oceanus OCW-S5000D-1A and actor Masatoshi Nagase

There are countless photobooks I bought since I was a teenager in my office and home. I started taking photos 20 years ago. Among the things I got at that time, I especially liked Larry Clark’s Tulsa and Robert Frank’s The Americans and still look back. “The Americans” was a French version that was given because photographer Masayoshi Hamada found it in Paris that the first edition of the book was expensive and difficult to get. Do you say that you like the raw feeling that you haven’t built in, and that the blood as a photographer makes noise as an actor? The book I bought at the exhibition of Richard Avedon is one book that I cherish. Just after appearing in “Mystery Train”, a photo exhibition was held just when I was in New York, and by accident, Avedon himself was at the venue, so I got a sign. Recently, there is a strong desire to take pictures of people, so I often look back even before shooting. I’ve watched it many times, so the book is already crazy.

I didn’t study the play at the theater company, and I didn’t study photography at school either. I have learned in practice as an amateur, so I think it is important to be inspired by someone else’s work.

You may often look back at a photo book after you have finished shooting, such as after you have finished shooting a movie. As with music, there are times when it runs out and there is an urge to be inspired by something. Especially after participating in one work as an actor, I want to make it zero once before entering the next work. At that time, I take photos, watch movies, meet friends, and return to blank pages.

Recently, even during the shooting of a single work, I try to return to myself as much as possible when a cut is made. In the past, it seemed that he played that role throughout the filming period. So it was hard. I think that it was necessary to have that sensation when I was young, but I have recently started to understand that it is an ensemble with my surroundings. I am thinking. There are exceptions. In the case of director Naomi Kawabe, the director’s OK will not come out unless the role of the food continues to change.

The watch I put on today is proud of the Japanese as it uses the skill of a craftsman called Edo Kiriko. I like craftsmen and sometimes take pictures of craftsmen, but the skills that I have mastered over decades are being used in the small world of watches. Moreover, according to what I hear, the latest technology is used to automatically set the watch to the time of the country when you go abroad, and the tradition from the past and the tradition to the future are one. I think that is also amazing.

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