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[Oceanus Solar] OCW-S5000 and OCW-T3000 — Punctual Life

It seems that the time has come to think about what a “new lifestyle” is, by reviewing the lifestyles of people all over the world. For example, now that social distance is a common sense, where distance from people is commonplace, it is time that we have become more aware of than space.
Space and time. It can be said that the relationship is a high-dimensional phenomenon that requires understanding Einstein’s theory of relativity, but I never imagined that I would have to be more aware of “time” in my life. Let’s do it.
An example of this is one of the generic names of teleworking using digital = telework. The start time must be clearly set and all attendees in different spaces at that time must start at the same time. There have been video conferences, etc. until now, but this new digital teleconference assumes that everyone is in a different space. For that reason, the start time of the meeting must be strictly followed more than personal circumstances. Moreover, if you actually participate, you will be able to feel it, but the conference will proceed simply and with no more useless conversation than ever before.
In this way, digital is more than just a convenient function, it becomes essential to daily life, and at the same time, it takes on a new important task of interacting with people remotely.
The more important this digital becomes to every corner of our lives, the more precise we will have to be in time.

Not only in this example, even when dining out, the business hours on the side of the store are more strict than before, and in all cases, it is not lazy. A tightly condensed time. What will flow there will be an unprecedented comfortable and tense time.
It can be said that, because it is limited, how seriously they spend their time, how much they want to enjoy themselves, and serious attitude toward such time are required. The phrase Punctual has the meaning of being accurate in time, but I think the “new lifestyle” is nothing but a Punctual life.

The aim of OCEANUS is to aim for absolute accuracy, that is, to have a solid reference point in people’s lives. For that purpose, OCEANUS is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth® in addition to radio solar, and has a mechanism that can accurately display the local time instantly anywhere in the world. In the era when digital evolves the world, the small clock = OCEANUS, which could fuse digital and analog clocks, has earned the trust of continuing to accurately mark the world’s most important reference point in the future. It will be immeasurable.

From the act of simply knowing the time to the life of controlling the time. The role that the clock must play will have a greater impact on life = lifestyle than ever before. In other words, living a life that is time-accurate = Punctual will become the most important thing in all future life. It can be said that the absolute precision advocated by OCEANUS is more than just the accuracy of time, but also the attitude of the wearer toward the world itself.

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