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[OCEANUS 2023] OCW-T2600J — New Colors for the Classic Line Chronograph

A new OCEANUS classic line has appeared from Casio Computer’s watch brand “OCEANUS”. The lineup and price are 121,000 yen for the silver band “OCW-T2600J-1AJF” with DLC processing on the bezel, and 143,000 yen for “OCW-T2600JB-1AJF” with DLC processing on the bezel and band.

OCEANUS is a metal watch based on the concept of “Elegance, Technology”. This new work will be a color variation of the current model chronograph “OCW T2600”. The DLC-treated bezel and black dial combine to create a fearless image. The bezel with tachymeter and orange-tipped second hand give it a sporty look.

Beige is used as an accent color for the city code ring and minute index. The OCEANUS brand color “blue” is emphasized by using it only for the OCEANUS logo.

The material of the case and band is titanium. The silver band OCW-T2600J-1AJF is titanium carbide treated, while the OCW-T2600JB-1AJF with DLC treated bezel and band is a black watch. The case size is vertical 48.2 x horizontal 42.8 x thickness 10.7 mm, weighs about 90 g, the windshield is sapphire glass with anti-reflection coating on both sides, and the waterproof performance is 10 atmospheres.

Other functions include tough solar solar charging system, multi-band 6 radio clock function that synchronizes the time with standard radio waves from Japan, China, the United States and Europe (6 stations), world time in 29 cities around the world (29 time zones, summer time compatible), Equipped with a stopwatch and full auto calendar.

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