[OCEANUS 2022] OCW-T4000ALE-2A — Traditional Japan blue




It is a model that drops Awa Ai, a traditional Japanese blue, into OCEANUS. The OCEANUS brand color is expressed using the natural “Awa Ai”, which is rare among the indigo dyes widely known as JAPAN BLUE. The face is finished in a matte texture with a gradation based on blue, with the image of tie-dye dyeing. The indigo dye extracted by the “precipitation method”, which is one of the indigo generation methods, is used to color the base of the dial. It is a set of two, a leather band dyed indigo in Tokushima prefecture, where Awa Ai is produced, and a soft urethane band on the surface with a leather mold. In terms of functionality, in addition to the time adjustment by the clock by the radio wave reception function, it is equipped with the time adjustment function by the smartphone link using Bluetooth®. You can easily and intuitively set the world time from about 300 cities on the app screen. Equipped with dual dial world time, you can see the time in two cities at the same time. OCEANUS is an elegant fusion of tradition and advancement, two Japanese pride.


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