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[OCEANUS 2022] OCW-T4000BRE-5A x BRIEFING Collaboration

It is a collaboration model of OCEANUS and BRIEFING, a luggage label with outstanding functional beauty. Based on OCW-T4000, DLC treatment is applied to the case to give a matte image with honing and hairline finish. A coyote-colored nylon band made from briefing tape is used for the band. The replacement band is made by laminating soft urethane with air ballistic nylon, which is also used in BRIEFING products. The dial is based on the Coyote color, which is a military color typical of BRIEFING, and the BRIEFING logo is treated in red as a point. The package uses a special laptop case. In terms of functionality, it is equipped with a time adjustment function using a smartphone link that uses Bluetooth®. You can easily and intuitively set the world time from about 300 cities on the app screen.

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