[OCEANUS 2022] OCW-T4000C-3A — Exclusive Exterior with Marine Style




With the brand concept of “Elegance, Technology”, it is a refreshing green dial color model from OCEANUS, which has both advanced technology and sporty design. By combining blue vapor deposition and green coloring on the main dial, it is finished in blue green with good coloring that you can feel the individuality of OCEANUS. In addition, the in-dial has a dark green color scheme that matches the main dial. In terms of functionality, in addition to the time adjustment function of the watch itself using the standard radio wave reception function, it is equipped with a time adjustment function using a smartphone link using Bluetooth®. You can easily set the time of the world time from about 300 cities. You can also check the battery level of the watch and correct the hand position on your smartphone. High-quality finishes are applied to every detail, such as rough polishing that requires skill and surface hardening of the case and band by titanium carbide treatment. It is a simple, functional and elegant OCEANUS that can be used in any scene.


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