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[Oceanus Square] OCW-T5000 — Titanium and classic look

Based on the brand concept of “Elegance, Technology”, this radio wave solar model features a square case from the OCEANUS classic line that combines advanced technology and sporty design. It is a titanium band model that incorporates the brand color blue into the parting board and designs dark blue vapor deposition and vertical stripe pattern on the dial. In terms of functionality, in addition to the time adjustment function using the standard radio wave reception function, the time adjustment function using the smartphone link is installed. Get accurate time around the world. You can set the time of the world time from about 300 cities, and you can automatically change the time zone and daylight saving time. In addition, it is equipped with dual dial world time, so you can see the time in two cities at the same time. High-quality finishes such as rough polishing and titanium carbide treatment have been applied to every detail. It is a simple, functional and elegant OCEANUS that can be used in any scene.

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Paul Koss
Paul Koss
1 year ago

I really like the idea of square watches and being a Casio fan, it does have some appeal to me. I will definitely check it out when I can see it in person. From what I can tell from photos, this watch appears pretty much square and I have a Seiko SWR052 that is more rectangular. That is pretty much what I would prefer, the Seiko watch appears less bulky and more rectangular than this Oceanus square appears, the proportions seem to be more what a Heuer Monaco is. Like I say, I would have to see it in person… Read more »