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[ProTrek Digital] PRG-30 — New Camper Line for trekking and camping

PRO TREK’s Camper Line is a product line for light users who enjoy trekking and camping. The new PRG-3O is a digital display model equipped with a triple sensor that supports measurement of direction, altitude / barometric pressure, and temperature. Direct buttons located on the right side of the face allow you to quickly measure direction (COMP), barometric pressure (BALO), and altitude (ALTI).

The front buttons at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the face are provided with color-filled reference lines to make it easier to see the orientation measurement of the compass function. The display font is also thicker than before to improve visibility.

In addition, consideration has been given to making it easier to wear even for a long time by reducing the size and weight. The bezel has a shape that does not easily get caught in the cuffs, and the inside of the bezel is finely circularly processed to create a sharp atmosphere. The band is also a Dura soft band made of silicone material with excellent wearability. The band can be easily exchanged by the user himself, and a carabiner attachment is also available as an option.

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logan holmberg
logan holmberg
1 year ago

I love protreks. I really wish these were released in Canada already.