[PROTREK ECO] PRW-51NJ-1- meant for people to enjoy nature and be close to it

The Ultimate Guide to All PROTREKs — composed by Experts

In pursuit of outdoor usability, PROTREK brand, focusing on functionality and usability, has collaborated with the Nature Conservation Society of Japan to investigate, protect, and preserve various natural environments from the mountains to the sea throughout Japan.

This time, the company focused on regeneration. The watch case is made of bio-based and recycled materials. They are incorporated into the band to raise awareness of environmental protection and sustainable social activities. This model is designed for people to enjoy nature and be close to it.

The camouflage pattern is based on the motif of Japan’s Satoyama Region, which the Nature Conservation Society of Japan values, and saves the creatures living there.

Eco-friendly biomass plastic is used for the case, band, and resin back cover. The watch also comes with a cloth replacement band made of recycled PET material.

The back cover is engraved with a design featuring the endangered hawk “Sasiba.” The dial is illuminated by a neon illuminator, emitting a green light reminiscent of fireflies.

It also features a high level of usefulness, including a triple sensor, multi-band 6, and Tough Solar. A fully automatic light that automatically turns on in dark places supports various shady activities.

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