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[Live Photos] ProTrek SPW-1000 Sea Pathfinder Review

The case is dark blue with black inserts, buttons, gray rubber, a kind of “stiffening ribs” on the dial. Buttons in the frame of white plastic, the overall impression of the look is simple – watch for specific situations, not for everyday wear with different clothes. Such good fasten, when you have already collected their bags and are ready to get into a cab, and in half an hour you’ll be sitting in the plane, think of the sea, palm trees, the girls or his own wife in a bathing suit. The size of the device is great, watch, quite simply, massive. The weight is 83 grams, dimensions – 64h48,9h14,4 mm. The strap is made of soft rubber, do not rub, not too tight, wear a watch comfortably. It should be noted that SPW-1000 is not as solid model as any G-shock. Shock protection there is, but throw in the wall with all the dope is not necessary. it is not necessary to attack too. Naturally, there is protection against moisture, this by itself.

The dial is round, it displays a wealth of information, as well as with all the other complex Casio watch, study the instructions required. You’re probably already used to deal with any technique without any additional documents. So do I. But with the company Casio watches, as they say, you will not understand without a hundred grams. After all, the company’s engineers manage to “packed” into the body so many features and capabilities, that’s amazing.

Highlighting is soft, like green. It seems to be, because sometimes it seems blue. It is possible to enable automatic backlight then it will be activated when tilting your wrist.

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