[Protrek 2022] PRW-61 — Renewable Biomass Plastic

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From the authentic outdoor gear “PRO TREK” for nature lovers, the “climber line” PRW-61 is an eco-friendly material on the exterior. Castor oil is used for the case and back cover, and biomass plastic made from corn is used for the band, while maintaining good wearability and high visibility. A target guide is used for the soft urethane band to improve the legibility of the direction indicated by the second hand, and the design is expressed with a functional beauty that makes it easier to understand the direction. In addition, the dial uses a bar index with thick hands for easy viewing to improve visibility. The bezel has an IP design. As the original function of the watch, it also has practical functions such as multi-band 6 and tough solar that receive radio waves from 6 stations around the world. It is a model packed with high functionality and practicality that correspond to various scenes in just size.

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PRW-61 Profile / Casio ProTrek
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Year of first release: 2022
The most distinctive specs:
— Biomass plastics in the case, band, and case back 
(the environmentally friendly biomass plastics are produced using materials derived from castor seeds and corn, as well as other raw materials)
— Solar Powered (Tough Solar provides constant behind-the-scenes power)
— Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6 (additional way for time sync. This watch receives time calibration radio signals that keep the displayed time accurate)
— Thermometer (can measure and display the outside temperature in a range from -10 C to 60 C)
— Barometer (measures the air pressures and displays tendencies in the weather)
 Altimeter (The electronic mechanism “estimates” the altitude based on the air pressure)
 Digital compass (measures and displays direction as one of 16 points)
Other colors and full specs: PRW-61 Wiki Page

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