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[SHEEN 2022] SHW-7000LTD and Nemophila Clear Blue

From Casio Computer’s women’s metal watch “SHEEN”, a new work “SHW-7000LTD-2AJR” with a nemophila flower motif has appeared. The price is 52,800 yen.

The base model “SHW-7000” uses titanium as the material for the case and band, which is said to be lightweight and less prone to metal allergies. The new SHW-7000LTD-2AJR is also light at 34g.

The SHW-7000LTD-2AJR’s clear blue lettering version has a lovely nemophila illustration drawn from 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock. In addition, the dot crystal parts and three-dimensional indexes give it an elegant finish.

The windshield is sapphire glass with an internal anti-reflection coating, and the waterproof performance is 10 atmospheres. Comes with a special rounded pouch inspired by nemophila flowers.

Powered by solar power and equipped with a full auto calendar. It is a radio clock that receives standard radio waves from Japan and China and adjusts the time accurately.

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