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Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

Best Guide to All Oceanus Watches — composed by Experts

[Live Photos] The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS with GPS + standard radio waves

Casio 2015 Spring Summer watch exhibition: colorful variations of high-performance high-end – the latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS. G-SHOCK + hybrid time acquisition function of “GPS + standard radio waves” in OCEANUS, Casio Watches that promote the concept of “smart partnership” in the G-SHOCK + EDIFICE.

New product “OCW-T2600” ¥ 100,000 of OCEANUS. A high-end model that was released in October 2013 “OCEANUS Manta (Manta) OCW-S3000” the same, you are using a module equipped with a 6 motor. S3000 a similar function and design, it’s products and that it provides a more reasonable price

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-1


The functional specialization is intended to be used in harsh conditions in the ultimate “MASTER OF G” series (RANGEMAN, FROGMAN, MUDMAN, GULFMAN), the camouflage band specification model appeared.

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-2

Based on the GD-X6900 of big size, it was adopted wizard pattern to “GD-X6900HT”. Skateboarding and BMX, such as strenuous exercise withstand the tough, convenient, high-brightness LED backlight, such as features in the dark. Battery life is about 10 years.

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-3

Tide graph to know the ebb of the tide, equipped with the Moon data function that reveals the shape of the old and the moon, there are many users of surfers “G-LIDE”. 2015 summer model “GLX-5600F” is incorporating floral motif natural Hawaii.

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-4

Select 5 popular models of G-SHOCK, was in summer tricolor design “white tricolor series”

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-5

Sporty line of Full Metal Solar radio watch “OCEANUS”, such as yachts and windsurfing in men’s 30s, but provided with a function to help marine sports “OCEANUS CACHALOT (Oceanus Kasharo)”.

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-7

OCW-G1000-1A2JF left New color.Right it became the original model, OCW-G1000

The latest G-SHOCK & OCEANUS-8





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