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[G-Shock 2020] Transparent Camouflage Series and high street style

Explore the urban jungle, G-SHOCK “transparent camouflage” series of new products interpret the fashionable high street style. The main tone of silver fits naturally with the transparent strap, and the metal dial exudes a transparent but unassuming light, which is avant-garde with camouflage patterns.
The GM-110SCM-1APR multi-level dial design is three-dimensional and stylish, showing a hard core mechanical style. GM-5600SCM-1PR takes the 5600 series square watch as the prototype, recreates the classics, and introduces the old to the new. GM-6900SCM-1PR silver-white metal covered dial shows strength, cool and classic, domineering out of the street.
With powerful functions superimposed on multiple trend elements, G-SHOCK has the strength to explore new urban trends, classic and timeless, higher street.

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