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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] Virtual World Collection Grants Permission to Step Out of Reality

G-SHOCK sees the future for what it is — a world tasked with navigating the growing popularity of new technologies like virtual reality and digital experiences. This has led G-SHOCK to bring the next generation of timepieces into the now, creating the Virtual World collection. Inspired by the inevitably of today’s virtual experiences, it evokes a sense of digital culture and aesthetics through minimalist black cases and bands that are accented with vibrant “Blue Violet” coloring on the dials — a hue inspired by V.R. concerts, events and video games.

Reimagined in the style of virtual reality, the collection’s hero timepiece, the GA2100VB-1A, enters the cultural zeitgeist by taking on a forward-thinking look that touts a multi-colored face, creating a futuristic feel for analog-digital watches. The timepiece stands out with an octagonal bezel as well as its super 11.8mm thin minimalistic case with a carbon core guard structure that protects its internal module from shock-related damage. It’s also fitted with a unique light fadeout feature, while maintaining the premium design and technical features often found in G-SHOCK.

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