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[Smartwatch] WSD-F10 Engineer Interview – Targeting potential benefits

How was the product planning concept reflected in the apps and other items?

Ishizaki:Rather than packing the watch with a ton of functions, we felt it was important to provide user-friendly, easy-to-use functions that could be used without stressing out the user. We wanted to position the watch mainly for users who want to enjoy their outdoor experiences.

Okada:This feeling of making potential user benefits the main thrust instead of the product itself was shared by all of the team members. Rather than making this a tool that simply collected data, we wanted to come up with a tool that is a joy to wear and use. To do this, we developed our own original built-in apps. The TOOL, ACTIVITY, and MOMENT SETTER are all original apps.

Ishizaki:The TOOL app makes it quick and simple to display altitude, barometric pressure, direction, and more. ACTIVITY displays changes in your workout conditions in real time. This app really comes in handy in a variety of different activities. MOMENT SETTER is a tool that helps keep you aware of conditions around you. It provides timely notifications about events such as sunrise and sunset, when you need to take a break, drink, or eat, the best times for fishing, and more.

Okada:Not only can you get information you need when you need it, you can also be kept up to date about conditions in your current location. You can allow yourself to become completely immersed in your outdoor experiences, taking heed of other matters only when notified about them by your watch. It’s like having a close partner or personal guide along with you so you can better enjoys your current activity. The apps are designed to be used by a wide range of individuals, from seasoned outdoor adventurers to those who are less accustomed to the outdoors.

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