EXTRA LONG resin strap for GShock

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Delilah asked 2 months ago

Hello! I’m a former Torneau employee. I’ve worked with many watches but fell in love with GShock when I went away to the Air Force during Dec 2020 because my GShock stood up rough training. Unfortunately, had to come home due to catching covid and having complications, but that’s besides the point I guess. My actual question is this: My husband is 6’4, 280lbs and has a huge wrist. He doesn’t fit a normal length watch strap. I want to buy him a GShock but I first need to find an extra long band that will suit a GShock. Keep running into leather bands and for the life of me can’t find what I’m looking for. Any suggestions on watches and a potential strap that I could pair it with would be appreciated. Christmas is coming and I want to surprise him. He’s never owned a watch due to the issue. 

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CasioFanMag Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi. You are to know the wrist size, and we’ve added the appropriate length here https://casiofanmag.com/g-shock/big-wrists/

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