How long does a G-Shock last?

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TopRated Staff asked 1 year ago

How long is the life of a G-Shock battery?

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yamakot Staff answered 1 year ago

The G-Shock watches have no expiration date. However, the battery life depends on the type of battery/accumulator and the movement (some functions can be energy-consuming). In Solar-powered models, you do not need to change the battery regularly but rather recharge during daylight. That\’s why solar-powered models are regarded as “eternal,” but let\’s be frank, there’s a battery in there that can go to sleep forever one day. There are G-SHOCK watches with 7-year batteries (e.g. GA-900), which means that the module is very economical (no Bluetooth and other features). In any case, buying a G-SHOCK watch with solar power is the most advantageous option, although it is more expensive. Traditional battery life: – 2-3 years in the lowest-priced watches, or in functional watches (without solar power) – 5-7 years for the most energy-efficient calibres – 10 years + with solar power

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