Need assistance for WS-1000 and WS-2000 watches

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Ivan asked 11 months ago

Hi there,Those watches are listed as part of the most current Casio collection out there. I can find gray models in your October 2021 catalogue.However, if I search retailers and official Casio online shops in Europe (non-amazon), none has this watch available. Most say \’out of stock\’ or \’out of production\’. This is a fairly new module, released in 2018 and 2019. I cannot believe it\’s out of production already? These are some brilliant and sturdy sport watches. Based on your experience, can you offer me clue, what\’s going on? Does Casio cycle their lines a bit, turning them off and on? Is it normal for Casio to release a new module then quickly go out of production?Thanks!

Golf replied 10 months ago

Hi. I have the WS-2000H Step Tracker/Illuninator. It’s the one with the bar graph representing the steps up to 7 hr worth. I am technical and have read the manual numerous times but cannot figure out how the step counter works (makes no sense to me), for ex. right now it has for steps “89” with a larger number 21 to its left. What is that larger number representing [not 2189 step, right?] I guess if someone can point me to a comprehensive explanation of the step system if it exists, that would be ideal. Thx for any info. Regards, Golfguy

Golfguy replied 10 months ago

Update: I just reread about the “Step Count Log.” THAT appears to be the total EACH day(?) So that larger # I mentioned to the left of the ‘steps’ # IS part of the count, the “21, with an 89 to its right would be total 2189. Think I’ve got it ;>)

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CasioFanMag Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi. Thanks for your question. There maybe several reasons:
1) the watch was really sold on those shops, and you need to wait for new releases of the same watch (maybe not so quick)
2) Casio usually scales a LOT of WATCHES all over the world and that’s why you may find them somewhere else but not in some other shops you are examining.
3) I cannot believe it\’s out of production already? — Since the watch is still selling here it is still in production.

Ivan replied 11 months ago

Brilliant, thank you. That’s what I needed to know. It’s great that it’s still in production. I guess Europe was really after them, so that’s the real reason, hope the wait won’t be long here.