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[OCEANUS 2022] OCW-S5000MB-1A — The Image Of Waterfall

From OCEANUS “Manta”, this model was developed and manufactured with the cooperation of Yutaro Shimode, a traditional craftsman in Kyoto. Combining OCEANUS blue and maki-e, we created an image of a scene where water falls from a waterfall and splashes, expressing the dynamism of water. The sapphire glass of the bezel is vapor-deposited with a […]


[PROTREK 2022] PRW-6900 — Biomass Plastic and Rough Massive Bezel

From the authentic outdoor gear PRO TREK for those who love nature, it is a model equipped with radio solar that uses environmentally friendly eco materials. With a rough outdoor style as the design theme, the metal bezel has a sharp shape with the sides scraped off, reminiscent of an ax for chopping wood. The […]

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[SHEEN 2022] SHW-7000LTD and Nemophila Clear Blue

From Casio Computer’s women’s metal watch “SHEEN”, a new work “SHW-7000LTD-2AJR” with a nemophila flower motif has appeared. The price is 52,800 yen. The base model “SHW-7000” uses titanium as the material for the case and band, which is said to be lightweight and less prone to metal allergies. The new SHW-7000LTD-2AJR is also light […]


[G-SHOCK MUDMASTER] GWG-2000 — Break Through Difficulties and Obstacles

In the journey of chasing the dream of racing, racing driver ZHANG Zhendong constantly surpasses himself and welcomes the moment of victory because of his love! This persistent and tenacious fearless spirit is like G-SHOCK’s unremitting exploration of extreme environments! GWG-2000 upgrades the “forged carbon” bezel, the hard core is tougher; it has powerful functions […]


[G-SHOCK 2022] GM-B2100 — High Caliber Style and Utility

The 1983 release of G-SHOCK’s iconic DW-5000C was an impressive milestone for the watch industry that made pioneering leaps by merging the world of utility and sport with fashion-forward functionality. The DW-5000C’s revolutionary shock-resistant build made headway as a new “tough watch” genre amongst wristwatch enthusiasts, beloved for its versatility and ability to stand up […]

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[G-SHOCK Review] GA-B2100-1 — an upgraded masterpiece with Bluetooth and Solar Power

So much has already been said about the G-SHOCK 2100 octagonal case on this blog that I was beginning to doubt my abilities. Is it possible to write something else about the most popular octagons? Probably not, but by revealing the new GA-B2100 series with solar power and Bluetooth sync, the Japanese made me reconsider […]

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[Edifice 2022 New Releases] September

Enjoy our Quick Survey of Edifice monthly New Releases. These are not the watches that were produced in 2022 (sometimes maybe), but usually, colors or bands updates. The listing is being constantly updated. September July May April March February January Edifice in September 2022 Edifice in July 2022 Edifice in May 2022 Edifice in April […]


[G-SHOCK 2022] GM-S2100PG and GM-S5600PG — Square and Octagonal

The GM-S2100PG-1A4 and GM-S5600PG-1 , which simultaneously incorporate two conflicting elements of tradition and innovation, are released from the shock – resistant watch brand G-SHOCK . While maintaining the iconic form of the base models 2100 series and 5600 series, this item achieves a more compact silhouette and is finished in a modern design that […]


[BABY-G 2022] BA-110, BA-130, BGA-280 — When Pastel Meets Metallic

Pastel meets metallic — Choose a cute & casual, multicolor BABY-G to go with your active life. Pastel-toned color-blocking and gradation give these models a feminine pop, with a wide array of soft hues coming together into a charming design. The hands, index marks, and other dial components feature a metallic finish , adding an […]

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[G-SHOCK 2022] GST-B100, GST-B500, GST-B500 — Pure Texture of Gold

G-SHOCK has launched a new G-STEEL black gold series watch, with classic black gold color matching, paying tribute to the #gshock golden age# !The bezel of the GST-B100GB-1A9 is coated with gold IP to restore the pure texture of “gold”; it is matched with a black resin strap to show the avant-garde style.The GST-B400GB-1A9 case […]