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[Edifice Review] EFS-S550BL-1AV — Functional bezel and sport car style

Sometimes disturbing thoughts cover me … But what if the clock [in the classical sense of the word] is soon no longer needed and replaced by all sorts of modern smart devices, where the value of the hands and their movement is significantly eroded [due to digital capabilities]? But then it lets go a little: […]


[Live Photos] Edifice EFS-S550 — rotary bezel and solar battery

Introducing new EDIFICE solar powered chronographs with sapphire crystals. These new models add highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to the EDIFICE solar-powered EFS-S550 Series chronograph, can be charged even by exposure to fluorescent light. The Scuderia Toro Rosso racing team constantly pushes the limits of speed in order to remain competitive in the world of F1 […]