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G-Shock GA-2100 is famous for unique design, 200-meter water resistance, Carbon Core Guard case, world time, stopwatch, timer and daily alarms.


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  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100HD, GA-2000HD and others — Hidden Glow Series

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100HD, GA-2000HD and others — Hidden Glow Series

    It exudes a radiant allure and commands attention in urban settings. The latest series, “HIDDEN GLOW,” utilizes light-capturing elements to emit signals of light and shadow, embodying a sense of liberation. The GA-2100HD-8A features a gray band that complements the octagonal face, adding a bold touch to the wrist; the GA-700HD-8A showcases 3D hands that…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100HD, DW-6900HD and others — Hidden Glow Series

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100HD, DW-6900HD and others — Hidden Glow Series

    Introducing the captivating “HIDDEN GLOW” collection, a fresh series that has recently made its debut, showcasing mesmerizing luminescent elements. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting glow that emerges in the depths of darkness, this collection features exquisite coloring with elegant white accents. Radiating a captivating presence even in dimly lit surroundings, the HIDDEN GLOW series is…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 Tone-on-Tone Hands On

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 Tone-on-Tone Hands On

    Introducing the Tone on Tone series by G-SHOCK, a renowned watch brand embraced by the street scene. This collection showcases a unique twist with its monochromatic finishing. In particular, the GA-2100 octagon bezel serves as the foundation for this series, available in three captivating colors: white (GA-2100-7A7), light blue (GA-2100-2A2), and yellow (GA-2100-9A9). But there’s…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — Tone-On-Tone Collection

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — Tone-On-Tone Collection

    Introducing the latest spring-ready versions of the GA-2100 model, G-SHOCK is starting off 2024 with a bang. The Tone-On-Tone collection, which includes the GA-2100-2A2, GA-2100-7A7, and GA-2100-9A9, showcases monochromatic designs in blue, white, and yellow. These watches cater to a younger, eco-conscious audience by incorporating bio-based resin materials in their bezels and bands. Blending functionality…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] DW-5600BCE, GA-2100BCE,   GA-700BCE with Cordura Eco Band

    [G-SHOCK 2024] DW-5600BCE, GA-2100BCE, GA-700BCE with Cordura Eco Band

    Discover the latest trendsetting black style that combines practicality and ease of use. The “CORDURA ECO BAND” watches feature Cordura nylon, a high-performance material known for its eco-friendly and durable properties. These watches embody pragmatism like never before! One of the standout models in this series is the DW-5600BCE-1. Inspired by classic square blocks, it…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — One-Tone Fashion

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — One-Tone Fashion

    In the world of trendy street fashion, size matters. The new “ONE-TONE” watch from G-SHOCK breaks the mold with its daring single-tone color scheme, opening up new possibilities for the wrist pioneer. With the GA-2100-7A7 in pearl white, a straightforward style is embodied, sparking pure imagination. The GA-2100-9A9 in fluorescent yellow boasts an eye-catching dial,…

  • [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — One Tone Blue, White and Yellow

    [G-SHOCK 2024] GA-2100 — One Tone Blue, White and Yellow

    G-SHOCK, known for its relentless pursuit of durability, introduces the One Tone series, characterized by its seamless integration of a single color throughout every component. The GA-2100 serves as the foundation, featuring an octagon bezel. This collection showcases a unified color scheme, with the case, bezel, band, and dial parts all harmoniously adorned in a…

  • [G-SHOCK 2023] GA-2100 — Tone-on-Tone Series

    [G-SHOCK 2023] GA-2100 — Tone-on-Tone Series

    In January 2024, Casio Computer has plans to unveil the “TONE-ON-TONE” series, a fresh addition to their G-SHOCK lineup. This new model will feature the beloved GA-2100, but with an invigorating twist of vibrant color. Taking inspiration from the GA-2100’s octagonal bezel, Casio Computer has decided to extend this single tone color to the bezel,…

  • [G-SHOCK 2023] GA-2100RB-3A x Rich Brian Collaboration Model

    [G-SHOCK 2023] GA-2100RB-3A x Rich Brian Collaboration Model

    Since its introduction in 1983, G-SHOCK has been renowned for its unparalleled durability and functionality, making it a true cultural icon. To celebrate its legacy, G-SHOCK collaborated with Rich Brian, a respected member of the 88rising label, to reimagine one of their timepieces. Brian chose the rugged GA-2100, a watch that draws inspiration from previous…