Baby-G BGA-1400 / Casio 5426

casio-BGA-1400-7BJF-5426Casio Baby-G BGA-1400

From equipped with dependable Solar radio function, such as traveling “Tripper (tripper)”, slim model of the sporty design appeared. This time, to achieve a thin design among the analog model of BABY-G, corresponding to the various active scene. Further, incorporating a composite design that combines metal and resin to the face or a band, improving the weight and fit. Together to support the lifestyle of women, it produces a sense of quality in the casual. In addition, small hand of vivid color and index of vivid multi-color, produce a sporty impression seems this year. Bis was placed in the bezel and the band, we tightened the watch to a jerk and cool. In addition, attention is also on the functionality of not only the design, mounting and multi-band 6 to automatically fix the received time radio waves in the world six stations, the Tough Solar light, such as fluorescent lamps save the trouble of battery replacement in power. Also arranged a three-in dial, achieved the dual time display to guide the two times.

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casio-BGA-1400-4BJF-5426 casio-BGA-1400-2B2JF-5426 casio-BGA-1400-1BJF-5426 casio-BGA-1400-7BJF-5426

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Catherine Otani
Catherine Otani
1 year ago

the written battery type is incorrect, this watch is radio controlled solar so this should be CTL920