Baby-G BGA-161 / Casio 5288

Baby-G BGA-161 with 3D Metallic Dial-2Casio Baby-G BGA-161

The new BGA161 series with 3D metallic dial as a base and light-toned pastel colors creates a soft and subdued look. A UV-LED “Neon Illuminator” light allows each watch to glow from within, the roman numerals and hands will illuminate in contrasting colors. These pastel timepieces are the perfect accessory for the spring fashion season. Gloss pastel blue resin band with metallic sherbet blue face.




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Baby-G BGA-161 with 3D Metallic Dial-4 Baby-G BGA-161 with 3D Metallic Dial-3 Baby-G BGA-161 with 3D Metallic Dial-1Baby-G BGA-161 with 3D Metallic Dial-2

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