Baby-G MSG-3300 / Casio 5145

casio-MSG-3300-2BJF-5145Casio Baby-G MSG-3300

From equipped with dependable Solar radio function, such as traveling “Tripper (tripper)”, New model that incorporates bright insert color based on the popularity of color in the classic appeared. Achieve high practicality that the radio wave reception of the world six stations is equipped with a multi-band 6 and Tough Solar possible. This model employs a “light-blocking distributed solar panel” to dial, to ensure a more stable power. The band uses a composite band of metal and resin, lighter while incorporating the texture and strength of the metal. An easy-blue according to the coordination on the base, was added to the insert color. The mirror surface around the dial, index-winning Sharp, by six studs-tone design that has been subjected to the bezel, finished in a sporty model with cool guess BABY-G. Is the emergence of New model that combines the design to be active in the convenient and practical features and multi. · The world six stations (Japan two stations, China, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany) received the standard radio, multi-band 6 to automatically correct the time – Tough Solar

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Casio-MSG-3300-7B1JF-5145 Casio-MSG-3300-7B2JF-5145 casio-MSG-3300-2BJF-5145

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