G-SHOCK Batteries / Compatible Types & Sizes / 2023 Updates

Before seeking the battery for any CASIO G-SHOCK watch on our site, you need to know one of three points:
1) watch series *like GA-100, GW-3000
2) module/caliber number *like 2548
3) battery type *like CR1220
If you know this information, you may easily find the battery you need using our table below. The battery will be of the proper size and have the proper technical characteristics (compatible with your G-SHOCK).

Please, note! We are not affiliated with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. We accumulated battery information from open sources and cannot guarantee that our data is 100% accurate. But we are making it accurate together. Write your comment if you have some concerns and we will check it again. Your, Casiofanmag Team.

GM-B2100 – Series
5691 – module/caliber

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Use the search form and type one of these: g-shock watch name, number, or battery type. Remember the battery type and search it on Amazon.

Haven’t found your watch? Leave a comment and we will add it to our table.

AW-500E | AW500E5416CR2016$3+ on Amazon
AW-590 | AW5904778CR1220$4+ on Amazon
AW-591 | AW5914778CR1220$4+ on Amazon
AWG-M100 | AWGM1005231CTL920$4+ on Amazon
AWG-M520 | AWGM5205640CTL920$4+ on Amazon
AWM-500 | AWM5005640CTL920$4+ on Amazon
DW-5600 | DW56003229CR2016$3+ on Amazon
DW-5610 | DW56103229CR2016$3+ on Amazon
DW-5700 | DW57003229CR2016$3+ on Amazon
DW-5900 | DW59003465CR2025$4+ on Amazon
DW-6900 | DW69003230CR2016$3+ on Amazon
DW-B5600 | DWB56003509CR2016$3+ on Amazon
G-100 | G1005158CR2016$3+ on Amazon
G-2900 | G29002548CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-7700 | G77003095CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-7710 | G77103095CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-7900 | G79003194CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-8900 | G89003285CR2016$3+ on Amazon
G-9000 | G90003031CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-9100 | G91003088CR2025$4+ on Amazon
G-9300 | G93003261CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
G-B001 | GB0013519CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-100 | GA1005081CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-110 | GA1105146CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-120 | GA1205229CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-140 | GA1405612CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-150 | GA1505255CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-200 | GA2005229CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-201 | GA2015229CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GA-300 | GA3005259SR927W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-310 | GA3105357SR927W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-400 | GA4005398SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-500 | GA5005478CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-700 | GA7005522CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-710 | GA7105522CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-800 | GA8005535CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-900 | GA9005637CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GA-1000 | GA10005302SR927W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-1100 | GA11005441SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-2000 | GA20005590SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-2100 | GA21005611SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-2110 | GA21105611SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-2200 | GA22005674SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-B001 | GAB0015690SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GA-B2100 | GAB21005689CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GAC-100 | GAC1005277SR927SW$3+ on Amazon
GAW-100 | GAW1005445CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GAX-100 | GAX1005485SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GB-5600 | GB56003409CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GB-6900 | GB69003210CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GB-X6900 | GBX69003418CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GBA-400 | GBA4005413SR927W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GBA-800 | GBA8005554CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GBA-900 | GBA9005641CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GBD-100 | GBD1003481CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GBD-200 | GBD2003506CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GBD-800 | GBD8003464CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GBD-H1000 | GBDH10003475Lithium-ionwill be soon…
GBX-100 | GBX1003482CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GD-100 | GD1003263CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GD-110 | GD1103400CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GD-120 | GD1203427CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GD-200 | GD2003267CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GD-350 | GD3503403CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GD-400 | GD4003434CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GD-X6900 | GDX69003420CR2032$3+ on Amazon
GDF-100 | GDF1003255CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GG-1000 | GG10005476SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GG-B100 | GGB1005594CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GLS-6900 | GLS69002016CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GLX-150 | GLX1503295CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GLX-5600 | GLX56003151CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GLX-6900 | GLX69003194CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GLX-S56003559CR1616$4+ on Amazon
GM-110 | GM1105553SR927W$3+ on Amazon
GM-2100 | GM21005611SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GM-5600 | GM56003229CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GM-6900 | GM69003230CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GM-B2100 | GMB21005691CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GM-S110 | GMS1105706CR1025$2+ on Amazon
GM-S5600 | GMS56003489CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GMA-S110 | GMAS1105425CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GMA-S120 | GMAS1205518CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GMA-S130 | GMAS1305540CR2016$3+ on Amazon
GMA-S140 | GMAS1405613CR1220$4+ on Amazon
GMA-S2100 | GMAS21005611SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GMA-S2200 | GMAS22005694SR726W x 2$3+ on Amazon
GMD-B800 | GMDB8003486CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GMD-S5600 | GMDS56003523CR1616$4+ on Amazon
GMW-B5000 | GMWB50003459CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GN-1000 | GN10005443SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GPR-B1000 | GPRB10003452CLB3032will be soon…
GPW-1000 | GPW10005410CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GPW-2000 | GPW20005502CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GR-8900 | GR89003269CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GR-B100 | GRB1005536CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GR-B200 | GRB2005635CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GSR-H1000 | GSRH10003491Lithium-ionwill be soon…
GST-200 | GST2005475SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GST-210 | GST2105475SR927W × 2$3+ on Amazon
GST-B100 | GSTB1005513CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-B200 | GSTB2005608CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GST-B300 | GSTB3005631CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GST-B400 | GSTB4005657CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-B500 | GSTB5005684CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-S100 | GSTS1005445CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-S110 | GSTS1105445CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-S120 | GSTS1205516CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-S300 | GSTS3005525CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-S310 | GSTS3105525CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GST-W130 | GSTW1305515CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GSW-H1000 | GSWH1000GSW-H1000Lithium-ionwill be soon…
GW-2310 | GW23103195CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-2320 | GW23203195CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-3000 | GW30005121CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GW-3500 | GW35005173CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GW-4000 | GW40005087CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GW-6900 | GW69003179CTL-1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-7900 | GW79003200CR2025$4+ on Amazon
GW-8200 | GW82003521CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-9010 | GW90103150CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-9110 | GW91103217CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-9200 | GW92003147CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-9400 | GW94003410CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-A1000 | GWA10005240CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GW-A1100 | GWA11005311CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-B5600 | GWB56003461CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GW-M5610 | GWM56103159CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWF-A1000 | GWFA10005623CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWF-D1000 | GWFD10003445CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWG-1000 | GWG10005463CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWG-2000 | GWG20005678CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWN-1000 | GWN10005371CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWN-Q1000 | GWNQ10005477CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWR-B1000 | GWRB10005588CTL920$4+ on Amazon
GWX-5600 | GWX56003215CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWX-5700 | GWX57003215CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GWX-8900 | GWX89003278CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
GX-56 | GX563221CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
MRG-B1000 | MRGB10005526CTL920$4+ on Amazon
MRG-B5000 | MRGB50003501CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
MRG-G2000 | MRGG20005531CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
MTG-B1000 | MTGB10005544CTL920$4+ on Amazon
MTG-B2000 | MTGB20005636CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
MTG-B3000 | MTGB30005672CTL1616$20+ on Amazon
MTG-S1000 | MTGS10003278CTL920$4+ on Amazon

What kind of battery does a G-SHOCK use?

Any G-SHOCK watch uses a coin battery, but it is not the same for all watches. We composed a table that will help you to choose the battery you need. You should only examine the rear cover of the case to know the module number or the watch’s name.

What is the G-SHOCK battery size?

All G-SHOCK batteries are different, depending on the watch series. You may find the size of your battery by using our table and finding the battery type you require. For example, if you know your G-SHOCK is compatible with CR2016 batteries, you can find out its size at any store.

G-SHOCK Battery Replacement Steps?

We insist on replacing the battery only through the authorized CASIO service centers. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, we recommend the following guides:
How to Replace a G-Shock GA201-1A Battery
Casio G-Shock G302 Battery Replacement
[YouTube] How to Change a G-SHOCK Watch Battery

Do you have G-Shock WR20BAR Battery?

The battery usually isn’t dependent on Water Resistance characteristics. So you just need to know the battery type your G-SHOCK supports. Use our table to know it.

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Paul Julian
Paul Julian
2 months ago

GTL 1025 battery. 3335 Module. GWOBA Seies

2 months ago

have a “Triple Crown “of surfing . #GL-130TC it seem to me the watch chart doesn’t have this seriel number