G-Shock GST-W300 / Casio 5524

*GST-W300FP-1A2 — Updated February 2022 Color!

Casio G-Shock GST-W300

From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes a selection of totally new G-STEEL designs that combine different types of materials into exciting new designs.
This lineup is based on the analog-digital GST-S300, a model noted for its smaller size made possible by a more compact module. This model features brilliant white bezel and band, recalling the snows of the winter season. Sharpedged, multi-dimensional hour markers, created using CASIO original precision engineering, and the analog hands are made of aluminum for lighter weight and better shock resistance. All of these components are decorated with gorgeous gold coloring that produces a gorgeous effect when it interacts with face illumination or other light.

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