CASIO BABY-G Manuals / All Watches

Before seeking the manual for any CASIO BABY-G watch on our site, you need to know one of two points:
1) watch series *like BGA-280, BGD-565
2) module/caliber number *like 5662
Knowing this information, you can easily find a proper manual for your watch.

Please, note! We are not affiliated with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. We accumulated manual information from open sources and cannot guarantee that our data is 100% accurate. But we are making it accurate together. Write your comment if you have some concerns and we will check it again. Your, Casiofanmag Team.

BGD-501 – Series
3290 – module/caliber

Use the search form below and type one of these: baby-g watch series, number.

*Haven’t found your watch? Leave a comment and we will add it to our table.

BA-110 | BA1105338Link
BA-120 | BA1205457Link
BA-130 | BA1305607Link
BAX-100 | BAX1005605Link
BG-169 | BG1693252Link
BG-6903 | BG69033408Link
BGA-150 | BGA1505257Link
BGA-160 | BGA1605288Link
BGA-180 | BGA1805381Link
BGA-190 | BGA1905382Link
BGA-195 | BGA1955382Link
BGA-220 | BGA2205482Link
BGA-230 | BGA2305508Link
BGA-240 | BGA2405510Link
BGA-250 | BGA2505570Link
BGA-255 | BGA2555593Link
BGA-260 | BGA2605628Link
BGA-270 | BGA2705629Link
BGA-275 | BGA2755629Link
BGA-280 | BGA2805662Link
BGA-290 | BGA2905670Link
BGA-310 | BGA3105692Link
BGD-560 | BGD5603290Link
BGD-565 | BGD5653489Link
BGD-570 | BGD5703290Link
BGD-5000 | BGD50003432Link
BGD-5700 | BGD57003432Link
BGS-100 | BGS1005520Link
BLX-560 | BLX5603296Link
BLX-565 | BLX5653422Link
BLX-570 | BLX5703296Link
BSA-B100 | BSAB1005556Link
MSG-B100 | MSGB1005659Link
MSG-C100 | MSGC1005606Link
MSG-C150 | MSGC1505628Link
MSG-S500 | MSGS5005548Link
MSG-S600 | MSGS6005550Link
MSG-W200 | MSGW2005575Link
MSG-W300 | MSGW3005592Link
MSG-W350 | MSGW3505592Link

How to set a time on my BABY-G?

There is no one manual that ensures your watch is set up properly. To find your manual, you should know the name or caliber of your BABY-G. Simply search for information on the watch’s back cover to get started.

Can my BABY-G adjust the time automatically?

Yes, but only if it features Bluetooth, Multiband6 or GPS technologies.

Why do my hands and digits show different times?

Perhaps you need to calibrate your watch to have it fixed. Use the official manual.

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Barbara Gleason
Barbara Gleason
2 months ago

I have an old Baby G. It’s BGA-107, 5001 or 5007 caliper