CASIO EDIFICE Manuals / All Watches

Before seeking the manual for any CASIO EDIFICE watch on our site, you need to know one of two points:
1) watch series *like ECB-30, EQS-940
2) module/caliber number *like 5686
Knowing this information, you can easily find a proper manual for your watch.

Please, note! We are not affiliated with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. We accumulated manual information from open sources and cannot guarantee that our data is 100% accurate. But we are making it accurate together. Write your comment if you have some concerns and we will check it again. Your, Casiofanmag Team.

EQW-A2000 – Series
5654 – module/caliber

Use the search form below and type one of these: edifice watch series, number.

*Haven’t found your watch? Leave a comment and we will add it to our table.

ECB-10 | ECB105618Link
ECB-20 | ECB205638Link
ECB-30 | ECB305686Link
ECB-40 | ECB405708Link
ECB-800 | ECB8005537Link
ECB-900 | ECB9005582Link
ECB-2000 | ECB20005698Link
ECB-S100 | ECBS1005658Link
EF-121 | EF1212719Link
EF-125 | EF1252719Link
EF-129 | EF1295125Link
EF-316 | EF3161794Link
EF-527 | EF5274369Link
EF-539 | EF5395118Link
EFR-526 | EFR5265345Link
EFR-527 | EFR5275344Link
EFR-539 | EFR5395345Link
EFR-547 | EFR5475372Link
EFR-552 | EFR5525490Link
EFR-556 | EFR5565451Link
EFR-563 | EFR5635490Link
EFR-564 | EFR5645579Link
EFR-566 | EFR5665579Link
EFR-568 | EFR5685345Link
EFR-569 | EFR5695579Link
EFR-570 | EFR5705490Link
EFR-571 | EFR5715653Link
EFR-S107 | EFRS1075359Link
EFR-S108 | EFRS1085359Link
EFR-S567 | EFRS5675619Link
EFR-S572 | EFRS5725619Link
EFS-S510 | EFSS5105529Link
EFS-S530 | EFSS5305587Link
EFS-S540 | EFSS5405585Link
EFS-S550 | EFSS5505622Link
EFS-S560 | EFSS5605633Link
EFS-S570 | EFSS5705634Link
EFS-S580 | EFSS5805661Link
EFS-S590 | EFSS5905633Link
EFV-100 | EFV1005507Link
EFV-110 | EFV1105340Link
EFV-120 | EFV1205507Link
EFV-130 | EFV1305340Link
EFV-550 | EFV5505579Link
EFV-560 | EFV5605451Link
EFV-570 | EFV5705344Link
EFV-580 | EFV5805490Link
EFV-590 | EFV5905632Link
EFV-600 | EFV6005579Link
EFV-610 | EFV6105345Link
EFV-C100 | EFVC1005479Link
EFV-C110 | EFVC1105699Link
EQB-800 | EQB8005512Link
EQB-900 | EQB9005560Link
EQB-1000 | EQB10005604Link
EQB-1100 | EQB11005639Link
EQB-1200 | EQB12005666Link
EQB-2000 | EQB20005697Link
EQS-500 | EQS5005123Link
EQS-800 | EQS8005564Link
EQS-900 | EQS9005585Link
EQS-910 | EQS9105587Link
EQS-920 | EQS9205585Link
EQS-930 | EQS9305661Link
EQS-940 | EQS9405585Link
ERA-110 | ERA1105479Link
ERA-120 | ERA1205479Link

How to set a time on my EDIFICE?

There is no one manual that ensures your watch is set up properly. To find your manual, you should know the name or caliber of your EDIFICE. Simply search for information on the watch’s back cover to get started.

Can my EDIFICE adjust the time automatically?

Yes, but only if it features Bluetooth, Multiband6 or GPS technologies.

Why do my hands and digits show different times?

Perhaps you need to calibrate your watch to have it fixed. Use the official manual.

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