CASIO PROTREK Manuals / All Watches

Before seeking the manual for any CASIO PROTREK watch on our site, you need to know one of two points:
1) watch series *like PRG-30, PRT-B70
2) module/caliber number *like 3499
Knowing this information, you can easily find a proper manual for your watch.

Please, note! We are not affiliated with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. We accumulated manual information from open sources and cannot guarantee that our data is 100% accurate. But we are making it accurate together. Write your comment if you have some concerns and we will check it again. Your, Casiofanmag Team.

PRW-6900 – Series
5673 – module/caliber

Use the search form below and type one of these: protrek watch series, number.

*Haven’t found your watch? Leave a comment and we will add it to our table.

PAG-240 | PAG2403246Link
PRG-30 | PRG303499Link
PRG-240 | PRG2403246Link
PRG-270 | PRG2703415Link
PRG-300 | PRG3003443Link
PRG-330 | PRG3303443Link
PRG-340 | PRG3403513Link
PRG-600 | PRG6005497Link
PRG-650 | PRG6505545Link
PRT-B50 | PRTB505601Link
PRT-B70 | PRTB705602Link
PRW-30 | PRW303490Link
PRW-35 | PRW353490Link
PRW-50 | PRW505620Link
PRW-51 | PRW515620Link
PRW-60 | PRW605578Link
PRW-61 | PRW615673Link
PRW-70 | PRW705480Link
PRW-2500 | PRW25003258Link
PRW-3100 | PRW31003444Link
PRW-3400 | PRW34003514Link
PRW-3500 | PRW35003414Link
PRW-3510 | PRW35103444Link
PRW-6000 | PRW60005365Link
PRW-6100 | PRW61005470Link
PRW-6600 | PRW66005571Link
PRW-6611 | PRW66115660Link
PRW-6621 | PRW66215660Link
PRW-6800 | PRW68005673Link
PRW-6900 | PRW69005673Link
PRW-7000 | PRW70005480Link
PRX-8000 | PRX80005470Link

How to set a time on my PROTREK?

There is no one manual that ensures your watch is set up properly. To find your manual, you should know the name or caliber of your PROTREK. Simply search for information on the watch’s back cover to get started.

Can my PROTREK adjust the time automatically?

Yes, but only if it features Bluetooth, Multiband6 or GPS technologies.

Why do my hands and digits show different times?

Perhaps you need to calibrate your watch to have it fixed. Use the official manual.

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