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[Baby-G 2022] BGD-565 makes your daily outfit more impressive

Winter is about to end, and the new spring is just around the corner. It’s a time of restlessness for a new life, such as admission, promotion, and moving. Spring is the season when you want to change your mind and update yourself. Before embarking on a new environment, many people may be thinking, “I would like to be as attractive as possible.”

Therefore, we recommend Casio’s BABY-G “BGD-565” series.

Casio developed this product through interviews with the fashion industry to match teens’ lifestyles. Compared to the conventional model “BGD-560”, BGD-565 is slimmer and more compact, making it more comfortable to wear. Another point is the one-tone color design that blends into any scene. In addition, a new color, pink beige, has appeared in the new model, greatly expanding the range of coordination that can be enjoyed.

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