ProTrek PAG-40 / Casio 2271

casio-PAG-40-7V-2271Casio ProTrek PAG-40

Powerful Triple Sensor technology goes everywhere you do. Digital Compass with Duplex LCD helps you find your position and plan your route, while the barometer/thermometer can help you predict what kind of weather lies ahead. Of course there’s the altimeter which can track altitude, cumulative ascent and decent in route to your destination.

Important Information

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Other color variations of Casio ProTrek PAG-40 Series (there may be more)

casio-PAG-40B-2V-2271 Casio-PAG-40-5V-2271 Casio-PAG-40-3V-2271 casio-PAG-40-7V-2271

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1 month ago

Is there another model PAG 40 that has the same alarm volume?
All other Casio models have alarms that you can hear only if you hold the watch up to your ear.
I’m guessing the PAG 40 alarms’ is high volume because it has 4 batteries and the other models have only one.