ProTrek PAW-1100 / Casio 3043

casio-PAW-1100T-7V-3043Casio ProTrek PAW-1100

Walk in style with the Casio PAW1100-1V which gives you a sporty look. This Casio Pathfinder watch charges on the solar power so no need of buying a new battery every time. The time calibration radio signals received on this Atomic Solar Watch gives you proper, precise and exact time. The built-in altimeter with a digital altitude tendency display graph of the Casio PAW1100-1V is excellent to measure the distance for mountaineering and alpine winter sports. The dial attached with the resin.



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Other color variations of Casio ProTrek PAW-1100 Series (there may be more)

Casio-PAW-1100-1V-3043 casio-PAW-1100T-7V-3043

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Marco Alban
Marco Alban
1 month ago

How to change the battery?