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[EDIFICE Review] EFV-C110D-1A3 – Steel Beauty with a 10-Year Battery

In today’s CASIO watch world, there are several watch categories: with BLUETOOTH, without BLUETOOTH, and with or without a MIP display. In fact, there are many other categories, but BLUETOOTH now makes the models stand out, and this applies even to ordinary analog dials, where, frankly, this technology could be ignored. Let’s review today a […]

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[G-SHOCK Review] MTG-B3000BD-1A2 – Beauty in Every Detail

It’s been a long time since I experienced such intense aesthetic pleasure from a G-SHOCK watch while writing a review. Indeed, you don’t often look at the beauties from MTG’s elite division, where even the smallest detail is imbued with engineering and design attention. Well, here the Japanese are competing not only with their premium […]

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[G-SHOCK Review] GM-B2100D-1A – Steel Gloss and Extremely Dark Display

It is interesting to observe the marketing in watchmaking. Everything here is quite simple – a beautiful story, a new material or technology, and you can call the watch a new one. And this “new release” can be insignificant at all. Let’s review today the GM-B2100D-1A model, which can’t be called very new, but has […]

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[CASIO Review] MDV-107-1A3 – almost like the Bill Gates’ watch

It’s time to go back to the roots. To watches in the usual perception of the word, rather than to the technological sophistication that has saturated most of our lives. Let’s look at the very traditional new product, the MDV-107-1A3, in a traditional MAG REVIEW. It is a great pleasure to see the continuation of […]

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[G-SHOCK Review] GA-B2100-1 — an upgraded masterpiece with Bluetooth and Solar Power

So much has already been said about the G-SHOCK 2100 octagonal case on this blog that I was beginning to doubt my abilities. Is it possible to write something else about the most popular octagons? Probably not, but by revealing the new GA-B2100 series with solar power and Bluetooth sync, the Japanese made me reconsider […]


[EDIFICE REVIEW] ECB-30P-1A – a very sophisticated and functional watch

It’s time to talk about the new ECB-30P-1A in our review on the CASIO fan blog or magazine (as you wish). If there is a watch that responds to contemporary human achievements while remaining faithful to thousands of years of tradition, it is the CASIO EDIFICE line. The conservatives get the hands and the additional […]


[ProTrek Review] PRT-B50-4ER – when the watch writes history from a blank slate

During the hard and challenging times of 2020-2021, it is especially nice to see bright pictures of ProTrek watches [different series] in the wilds, mountains, rivers, and other “outdoors” landscapes in the official brand’s social activities. After all, it’s such a breath of fresh air: when you can really be out in nature, and even […]

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[Casio Review] WS-1200H-2AV – a fishing watch for everyone

I often see people with flagship phones, but at the same time wearing a very simple Casio digital watch [representatives of the F-91s and the like]. It would seem, why not a smartwatch or at least some luxury watch brand? The answer, probably, lies in a very personal area: love for simple things, emotional attachment […]

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[Edifice Review] EFS-S570DB-2A – When the Japanese have found the best watch features

The one who has favorite products for a broad audience usually survives in crisis times. At least this is true for the watch industry, which, of course, is my own opinion and not a quote from a business book by some famous coach. I just like sometimes to look through the financial statements of my […]

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[Edifice Review] EQB-1000XDC-1A – classic maximalism

A watch to leave only positive emotions behind. The kind of watch you want to present to your son for his high school graduation, as you are confident in its reliability and timelessness. No, it’s not a G-Shock. It’s a strict men’s classic named EQB-1000XDC-1A.  “From annoying typicity to modern maximalism” – I would describe […]