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[PROTREK Review] PRW-6900YL-5 is an insanely beautiful watch

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When I wanted updates to the PRO TREK lineup, I meant MIP display, GPS, synchronization with the phone, and many other modern technologies. We must be aware that these technologies will not be as autonomous and reliable as the current PRO TREK creations. The Japanese are doing everything possible to avoid electric charging.

I can’t say the PRW-6900 surprised me. The new release “killed” me). In more than ten years of watching over the CASIO brand, there has never been such a dramatic change in appearance in the PRO TREK line.

And here, surprisingly, is a very fresh design, and also in the best traditions of LUXURY brands: large, aggressive size, square form factor, huge hands, and strict leather strap.

Would you say this is a tourist watch? I even checked myself several times – is it a PRO TREK? And only the tiny inscription at the 3 o’clock position confirms it.

CASIO considers this look very touristic, and survival tools inspired the designers during their display design. For example, the metal bezel with sharp edges resembles an axe blade.

Note the small hand in the little window at the 10 o’clock position – it’s a hint of a Camping Knife blade [light line]. And the second hand has been given an orange fire flame gradation.

The dial background is made of a textured material similar to a Dutch oven iron-like surface and is a design that embodies everything one loves about bushcraft. I really like this kind of bushcraft because a watch is foremost a work of art, not just an accurate time. Well… At least to me, it is. If you take away the whole creation story, you will still notice the previously mentioned pretty details.

The PRW-6900 is surprisingly lightweight [63 grams]. But why, surprisingly? The case [except the bezel] and the back cover are made of the already popular bioplastic, an eco-friendly and body-friendly material, maintaining the PRO TREK brand’s commitment to harmonious coexistence with nature.

The watch, despite its size, hardly feels on the wrist, and the tactile sensation is unique [it’s not the touch of metal, but something else entirely].

I can’t ignore the strap. The presence of leather is surprising in PROTREK products, although the manufacturer does not say anything about synthetic material.

Even on the contrary, it declares fire-resistant properties [against sparks], which is a claim to a genuine material, natural origin. Nevertheless, the strap gives the watch a stunning elegance. With this design, you can go to restaurants, important meetings, and then hiking.

That is why the PRW-6900YL surprised me. This watch doesn’t look like a PRO TREK at all. It is some kind of business class, but with a hiking background.

The length of the strap is unexpected. I don’t own a large wrist [17.5 cm], yet I have virtually no “tail” left. I can only lengthen it by three extra holes. Well, it’s enough for me, but if you have a measurement at least 2 cm larger than mine, it won’t be very aesthetically pleasing [p.s. another subjective opinion].

By the way, the strap is easy to replace thanks to its “lever” mounting system.

I want to keep writing and writing about the PRW6900YL-5 watch. But for some reason, only about its look, because the internal content remains faithful to the traditional PRO TREK stuffing: a new generation ABC sensor (compass, barometer/altimeter, thermometer), world time, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, etc. Such a FULL PACK of the most reliable technologies. Among the favorite technologies are solar power and radio synchronization. Unfortunately, we will not talk about BLUETOOTH features this time, but perhaps they are not required here.

The illumination consists of two bright LEDs – one illuminates the digital window, the other the analog space. As you can see, the LEDs do an excellent job. Auto switching was not found [when rotating the wrist]. The Japanese decided to save the battery life forcefully. Not critical.

The giant backlight button under the 6 o’clock position makes the activation process very comfortable.


The PRW-6900YL-5 is an insanely beautiful watch. It has excellent readability, and thanks to the bio-materials in the case, the watch feels very comfortable on the wrist. Despite the brand-new look, the model contains an old-school set of features and technologies that are deeply engrained in the PRO TREK line. It’s nice to see such an addition to the lineup, although I’m sure there will be fans and haters of this form factor and style.

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