Baby-G BGD-140 / Casio 3277

casio-BGD-140-1A-3277Casio Baby-G BGD-140

Baby-G big size and dual illuminator
Baby-G goes big with a collection of new models that take female timekeeping from petite and pretty, to big and bold. A Dual Illuminator lights up both the digital displays and dial to facilitate reading in the dark. Illumination also causes the colors of the digital displays to change as well.
Like all Baby-G models these are specially shaped to keep exterior impact and shocks from reaching buttons, glass, and other components.


Important Information

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Other color variations of Casio Baby-G BGD-140 Series (there may be more)

Casio-BGD-140-7B-3277 casio-BGD-140-7A-3277 casio-BGD-140-4-3277 Casio-BGD-140-1B-3277

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