Baby-G BGD-5000 / Casio 3432


Casio Baby-G BGD-5000

Active casual watch for women, sportive impression Solar radio model from the BABY-G. Since its launch, in classic square face that was based on the shape of the G-SHOCK / BABY-G are both popular 5600, it is equipped with a radio receiver function and solar charging function. In design that gives off a solid presence while simple form to suit any occasion, was plus a dependable function.
The base color is not choose a scene to wear black and white.
Beginning a trip perfect for the active scene, it is the emergence of the New model that combines practicality and design.


 Important Information

Useful things for Baby-G BGD-5000 / Casio 3432

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Other color variations of Casio Baby-G BGD-5000 Series (there may be more)

Casio-BGD-5000-7CJF-3432 casio-BGD-5000MD-2JF-3432 Casio-BGD-5000MD-9JF-3432 Casio-BGD-5000-1JF-3432

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