Baby-G BLX-102 / Casio 3265

Casio-blx102-2a-3265Casio Baby-G BLX-102

Here are the latest additions to the collection of Baby-G G-LIDE timepieces for young women who seek out fun in the water, whether surfing, snorkeling or just wading around. Tide graph data provides important information regarding tidal movement while bright colors make for a playful feel. But don’t let their playful coloring fool you, the BLX102 timepieces are 200M Water Resistant and Shock Resistant

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Other color variations of Casio Baby-G BLX-102 Series (there may be more)

casio-blx102-1-3265 Casio-blx102-2b-3265 Casio-blx102-2a-3265 casio-blx_102_7-3265

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