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Battery for Casio B640WB Watch / CR2016

Casio Watch Line: Collection
Battery type: CR2016
Battery price: 1$ [Free International Shipping]
Original Battery for: Casio B640WB Watch
Compatiable with models: A158WEA, A159WGEA, A163WA, A164WA, A168WA, A168WG, B640WB, B640WC, B640WD, W-202, AQ-160, AQ-163, F-105, F-91, HDD-600, MTP-1228, MTP-1229, SGW-300, SGW-400, W-201, W-210, W-211, W-212, W-42, W-43, W-59, W-215, W-216


3 replies on “Battery for Casio B640WB Watch / CR2016”

Hi Guys,i have a B640WC casio, when i opened the cover i see that the original battery is CR2025, i wanna know what will happen if i replace the battery by CR2016, Thanks.

It will be absolutely fine if it fits but the battery will deplete sooner. The last 2 digits in the battery code represent the thickness (1.6mm vs 2.5mm). This affects the capacity. All other specs are same. For example I shoved a CR2032 in my W-800H even though it supposed to take a CR2025. With that the “10 year battery life” advertised by my W-800H should become almost 15.

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