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Battery for Casio W-96 Watch / CR2025

Casio Watch Line: Collection
Battery type: CR2025
Battery price: 6$ [average Amazon price. We may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon]
Original Battery for: Casio W-96 Watch
Compatiable with models: A178WEA, DBC-32, AE-1000, AE-1100, AE-1200, AE-2000, AMW-700, AMW-710, AQ-180, AW-80, AW-81A, W-82, CHR-100, DB-36, DB-360, F-200, F-201, HDC-600, MRP-700, GW-100, STR-300, W-213, W-734, W-752, W-753, W-755, W-756, W-800, W-96, AE-1300


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